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Col. Givens Hatch

Posted by ebedgamefarm on April 2, 2009 at 8:54 PM

By Kenny Troiano

The Troiano Green Legged Hatch, formally, the Col. Givens Hatch are like no other gamefowl that I have ever seen. I’ve never seen a family of birds that are as faultless and as complete as this family of Reds. Mr. Col. Givens did a great job in maintaining and improving this fine family of fowl, and has accomplished great thing with these birds as well, and he will surely be missed. They are definitely the best!

Growing up, I always remembered them as the grandest and noblest of all gamefowl. In fact the first time I saw them they had the finest color, and they were the best in shape and constitution of any gamefowl that were around. They over shadowed any bird they were with, and as far as I’m concerned they still do, for they have a style all their own. They always seem to move in a quick and deliberate motion, for they are the best in conformation of body and vigor, health and beauty, form and function that only the best of care and knowledge of breeding could have possibly produced. 

They are beautifully colored birds, especially when seen walking and crowing among their hens in the middle of the farm. With their long powerful wings, which they clap, then crow, stop to gaze only to start crowing once again. They are the most remarkable of gamefowl you will ever see. They have a confident and majestic carriage, which is well balanced on their dark green shanks. They have large full-feathered, flowing tail feathers which seem to have a life of their own, which performs the task of a very competent rudder when in battle. Always active and alert to their surroundings, they were the gamefowl that I would never forget and always knew that I had to have. I know this sounds a little poetic, but it’s the tribute I feel they deserve, and I know many of my fellow cockers will agree with me.

As far as a complete description of my birds: They come in three different colors: most of the time they will come Black Breasted-Dark Red. This comes from the “Leiper Hatch family” that they were first originated from. They will also come Light Red or lemon hackled now and then, which is a throwback to the McLean Hatch side of their breeding, and every once in a while a Spangle will show up. They have good conformation of body and a medium/high station with dark green legs. They have nice small beautifully shaped pea-combed heads, with dark, deep, rich ruby red eyes. They also have a dark ring around their eyes as well, which is a very attractive feature of this family.  

These birds have a wonderful temperament. I can walk right into any of their pens and just pick them up. There is no pecking or shuffling the handler. Their weights run about 5 to 5.4 Lbs. I have seen them smaller, such as 4.12 and occasionally larger in the case of 5.6. However, 5 to 5.4 Lbs are the average weights, and it’s what I look for while selecting my birds.

As sitters and mothers, these Hatch hens are excellent! They will give up their own life to save their chicks; and it’s just what you would expect from a good game hen. The chicks are very hardy and will usually feather out quick, which makes them easy to raise, especially when letting them out into the yard to free-range. The chicks are quick and active and are always searching and scratching for insects and anything else they can find. 

So I ask you, with a family such as this, what more could anyone hope for? 

I try to help as many people as possible with fowl, but I’m only a small backyard breeder. I don’t have acres and acres of land, full of birds, and I never will. I’m happy as can be with the few I raise every year.

Although I hatch plenty of chicks, I only have a small amount of birds for sale each year, at any one time.

Unlike other cockers this is not a business, it’s just a hobby, and its one that I enjoy very much.

Thanks for your interest, Kenny Troiano

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Reply Ian Rabago
6:26 PM on April 23, 2012 
bosing, ganda ng Givens hatch ninyo.. how i wish i could have 1
Reply Juan Ramirez
8:34 PM on November 29, 2013 
just like you said the one bird that I always wanted to have,one day I will have at least a pair of them, just for the pleasure it brings to see them hatch and grow-up God bless you Mr.Troiano

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